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Carolina Girl Turned Superstar – 10 Amazing Looks Of Fantasia

Some may look at her as just a 'country girl' from North Carolina, but singer and actor Fantasia Barrino Taylor is so much more. In case you've been under a rock for the past few months, you've missed quite the transformation of this Black 'southern girl ' to superstar beauty. She comes from a small college town in North Carolina. High Point has a population of about 115,000 (Data USA) and is made up of about 34% African-Americans. It was here where she grew up with her family and caught the singing bug fairly early. She started singing at age 5. However, it wasn't much of a surprise as most of her family members sang, including her brother Ricco and first cousins K-Ci and Jo Jo of the R&B duo Jodeci. Life for Fantasia took a turn after she was sexually assaulted by a high school classmate. Not long after, she dropped out of school. Then at age 16 got pregnant by her ex-boyfriend. But, life was again about to change dramatically for the songstress when she auditioned for the wildly popular singing competition American Idol. In 2004, Fantasia won the title of American Idol -- at that time, the youngest American Idol winner ever. Over the next 19 years, Fantasia would go on to tour, make albums, make movies, and win awards. She would get married and have a baby. After a small hiatus from making music and acting, today Fantasia is on fire. She received a Golden Globe nomination for her role as 'Celie' in the new movie adaptation of "The Color Purple". And what I love the most about Fantasia, no matter her rise to fame she continues to exude humility and excellence. https://twitter.com/TasiasWord/status/1733147245002838019 https://twitter.com/TasiasWord/status/1732929697267200249 https://twitter.com/TasiasWord/status/1735001608952369255 https://twitter.com/TasiasWord/status/1731729319817306587 https://twitter.com/TasiasWord/status/1729534914553340232 https://twitter.com/TasiasWord/status/1724831019902071029 https://twitter.com/TasiasWord/status/1677074312803516418 https://twitter.com/TWAwards/status/1674778123106402304 https://twitter.com/soulrnbcom/status/1674628831846494208 https://twitter.com/TasiasWord/status/1616841808675475463

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