7 Charlotte Restaurants with Christmas Day Reservations Available

Do you have plans for Christmas Day this year? Well, tons of people are planning for their holiday dinner this year. Sometimes we want to be able to travel to a special family member's house or go out of town to visit those we don't see often. But, what about those who may not want to cook their own food? Some families don't have a lot of people to gather around a table and would rather have a small, quaint dinner. Then there are those larger families who just prefer not to cook at all. Well, there are a few Charlotte restaurants that are allowing you to book your reservation for Christmas Day now. A few fine dining restaurants and some casual spots are allowing you to dine in on Christmas Day. You never know how busy times may get, so you may want to book your reservation early. Check out the full list below of some of the Charlotte restaurants open on Christmas Day. You can book your Christmas Day reservations NOW.

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