COVID-19 shut down practically everything we know as “normal” in the world. And that includes sitting down with a greasy bag of hot buttered popcorn in front of a giant movie screen! I mean, when is the last time we’ve been inside a movie theatre.

Well, Hollywood was definitely impacted by the pandemic and pumped the brakes on several anticipated hits on the big screen. Here are a few of my favorites to look forward to once we’re passed the pandemic.

  1. Wonder Woman 1984 (October 2) – This is a sequel and again stars Gal Gadot with a surprising villain played by actress Kristen Wiig (“Bridesmaids”) .
  2. Candyman (October 16) – This horror flick scared me the first time I saw it back in 1992. Horror flick master Jordan Peele (director of “Get Out”) produced this one.
  3. Black Widow (November 6) – Actress Scarlett Johansson (“Marriage Story”) has always been my favorite and plays a superhero action figure who takes on villains in this Marvel film.
  4. Stillwater (November 6) –  Matt Damon stars in this thriller about an Oklahoma oil-rig worker who travels abroad to clear his daughter’s name when she is wrongly imprisoned.
  5. Soul (November 20) – Actor/comedian/singer Jamie Foxx stars in this Pixar film that sounds cool for the entire family. Jamie plays a middle school teacher whose gets into an accident. His ‘soul’ is separated from his body and transported to a training center where ‘new’ souls prepare to enter bodies of newborn babies.
  6. Happiest Season (November 20) – This holiday flick sounds like it’s full of drama and possibly a real tear-jerker. It stars Kristen Stewart (“Twilight” sequels) who plans to propose to her girlfriend at her family’s holiday party. But, finds out her ‘girlfriend’ hasn’t ‘come out’ to her conservative parents.
  7. No Time To Die (November 25) – I love ‘James Bond’ flicks and this is slated to be the last for actor Daniel Craig as James Bond 007. It’s the 25th James Bond film so you know it’s got to be good!
  8. Escape Room 2 (November 30) – Not a lot to tell about this one, but the first installment was surprisingly a hit, so we can anticipate it only gets better.
  9. West Side Story (December 18) – This is Steven Spielberg’s new adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name. And of course he adds his own ‘spice’ to it as only Spielberg can. The storyline doesn’t change — two teens from rival gangs in the 1950’s in New York fall in love with each other.
  10. Coming 2 America  (December 18) – It took over 30 years, but it looks like Prince Akeem, King Akeem and Semmi are returning from the United States to their homeland. We’ll see much of the same cast returning including John Amos (“Good Times”) and actor James Earl Jones.