Kendrick Lamar’s Epic Livestream Concert May Have Buried Drake

Kendrick Lamar had a legendary live performance last night for a Juneteenth celebration. The show, which aired on Amazon Prime and, was referred to by many fans as "Hatechella." (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Cash App) Ken & Friends Epic Livestream Concert Before K-Dot came out for his highly-anticipated set, he had some of his friends perform to get the crowd hype. Tyler, The Creator, Steve Lacy, Roddy Ricch, Ty Dolla $ign, YG, and more kicked off the show. Some famous faces were also seen in the crowd, like The Weeknd, Lebron James, and Rick Ross. Kendrick opened up the set by playing his Drake diss track, "Euphoria." For his first time performing the song, fans immediately got the sense that the Ken & Friends celebration would feature more heat toward Drake. Kendrick even added some new lines to the track with "Give me Tupac's ring back, and I might give you new respect." The sold-out concert had the crowd rapping word-for-word with Kendrick, especially the line where he asks, "What is it, the braids?!" Reacting to his opening track, fans went wild on social media. One person wrote on X (formerly Twitter), "KENDRICK OPENING UP WITH PERFORMING EUPHORIA FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH EVERY ONE SINGING ALONG. THIS IS LEGENDARY S--- [sobbing emoji]." Added another, "Kendrick Lamar opening up with Euphoria going down in history." A third said, "He ain’t ever coming up off Drake’s neck." Wrote a fourth user, "Opening with Euphoria is dastardly." More fans expressed how Kendrick laid Drake to rest during the Juneteenth celebration. One person wrote, "This is the most lit funeral I've ever watched." Added another: "Drake truly underestimated how much Kendrick Lamar hated him." A third hilariously said: "This is like 'We Are the World' but for hating a guy." Some even noted Kendrick's outfit choice to be one in honor of Tupac. Another had a Game of Thrones reference, writing, "this is drake’s red wedding." After K-Dot finished "Euphoria," he performed DAMN tracks "Element" and "DNA." He followed that up with To Pimp A Butterfly's "Alright" and Good Kid m.A.A.d City's "Swimming Pools (Drank)," ending the song by telling the crowd that the event that they've got "going on tonight is bigger than me." Bringing out his longtime friend and collaborator Jay Rock, the duo performed "Money Trees," "Win," "King's Dead," and diss track "6:16 in LA." Reuniting with his day-ones Black Hippy, K-Dot brought out Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q, telling the audience, "We finna go up." The trio performed "Collard Greens," "THat Part," and stuck around for "King Kunta," before the rapper went solo once more. Kendrick performed "m.A.A.d City," "HUMBLE," and then "Like That" without Future. “It’s only right that we start from day one, you know? So where would we be without our legacies,” Kendrick asked the crowd. Dr. Dre came up on the stage to "Still Dre" with Kendrick rapping Snoop Dogg's part and then performed "California Love." Before he leaves, Kendrick asks Dre if he's going to "sing" something. A little shy at first, Dre crouches and whispers, "I see dead people." This is when things get wild, as Kendrick performs "Not Like Us" another time after telling the crowd at the end of the first time, "So you’re not gonna let nobody disrespect the west coast” or "imitate our legends, huh?" Playing "Not Like Us" for the third time, the crowd chants "OV-Hoe." This time, the rapper is joined by two backup dancers. For his fourth consecutive play of "Not Like Us," he brought out DJ Mustard. Hilariously, K-Dot started to forget his lyrics and even laughed, asking, "What comes after that?" Fans loved the commitment online, with one person saying, "Ken & Friends is a Hall of Fame hate sesh & it’ll never be dethroned." Another hilariously wrote, "My a-- just started crip walkin' to 'Not Like Us' on Ken & Friends, and I don't even know how! Drake is ded. Bye. Gone." Added another, "'Not Like Us' with a pull-up live & fireworks, straight chef’s kiss theater! Ken & Friends winning Juneteenth." Looking as though he's having a ball, Kendrick closed out the show playing "Not Like Us" for a fifth time with gang members from different sections joining him on stage, as well as his friends. One person on X noted of the moment, "Kendrick Lamar just unified real life gang members had them all take a group pic and got everyone to dance together to a song calling Drake a pedophile for the 5th time in a row on Amazon Prime."

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