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 Memorial Day Weekend is one of the deadliest holidays. Research shows that 40% of accidents on Memorial Day weekend involve drunk driving.

Zutobi, a driver’s education platform, published a new DUI report ranking states with the most and least drunk driving.

Find out where North Carolina ranks!

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a major reason for road accidents and road deaths in the United States each year. The year 2020, being the first year of the COVID pandemic, shows a clear trend shift when it comes to drunk driving fatalities – unfortunately, in the wrong direction.

With 11,654 deaths, drunk driving accounted for 30% of all road fatalities – the worst year since 2005. Furthermore, drunk driving fatalities are up a staggering 1512 deaths (14.9%) compared to 2019, dealing a heavy blow to safety advocates and regulators alike.

But how does this look throughout the United States? Are some states better than others? We’ve taken a deep dive into the latest available data to find out where DUI accidents, fatalities, and arrests frequently occur. We then ranked each state from best-to-worst. North Carolina is 35th on the list of accidents in the US.