Fly Ty

Morning Producer 6:00AM-10:00AM

(Husbands) What’s her Favorite movie?

(Wives) Craziest place you made love.

(Husbands) Who said I Love You first?

(Wives) What are your Nicknames?

(Husbands) What does your wife do to get out of sex?

(Wives) What is the song that connects you both?

(Husbands) Name one thing others don’t know about her that you were shocked to find out?

(Wives) What do you like best about him

(Husbands) First impression of her

(Wives) His Favorite date night activity

(Husbands) Favorite physical feature you like on her

(Wives) His Biggest pet peeve

(Husbands) Their hidden talent

(Wives) what’s his love language

(Husbands) Her Favorite way to relax