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He is Still Good

Do you have any prayer requests you’re still waiting on God to answer?

Are you waiting on a much-needed promotion?
Are you waiting on a raise?
Are you waiting to buy your first home?
Are you waiting on an answer from God?
Waiting to meet the “one”?
Waiting to get married?
Are you waiting on a baby?
Are you waiting on a doctor’s report?
Are you waiting on a situation to get resolved?

As we wait on God’s perfect timing be reminded that no matter what, He is still Good.I smile at the notion that times can be hard, situations can be burdensome, and solutions might be hard to come by… But God is still so good.

This week’s word: Faithfulness
This week’s activity:  Whisper gratefulness every moment you can.  If you feel yourself getting annoyed, look for blessings around you even if they’re as simple as thanking God for your next breath.  Stay in gratefulness as God is still on the throne and He’s still so good.  Let’s change our perspective of what’s not working to what is still working.
Be Blessed.