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The CMS board of education is expected to approve the auction of 46,000 clear backpacks purchased by the district earlier this year after discovering a label that warns of potentially cancer causing chemicals in the backpacks. Yesterday, hundreds of people gathered in uptown, for Charlotte’s March for Our Lives protest at First Ward Park. Popeye’s is celebrating its 50 th anniversary by two pieces of chicken for 59 cents

In sports the Charlotte Hornets hire Golden State Warriors assistant coach Kenny Atkinson as their next head coach. Tonight Game 5 of the NBA finals goes down between the Boston Celtics @ Golden State Warriors 9

ENTERTAINMENT Jennifer Hudson becomes the second black womanto win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and  Tony Award.

Netflix announced Sunday that “Squid Game” has been  green lighted  for a second season. And congratulations to boxer Floyd Money Mayweather Over the weekend , he was  inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.