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Fly Ty & Jacinda


Flyty and Jacinda met as co-hosts for the Charlotte Hornets. Their working relationship quickly led them to become best friends.  Within a year, they began to secretly date, only to notify their boss of an upcoming marriage one week before they walked down the aisle. The wedding announcement shocked all of Charlotte.  Their friends and business associates had no idea.

The dynamic duo quickly became a power couple unapologetically exuding boldness in their love for Christ. FlyTy says, “The day Jacinda prayed over me in our dressing room I knew she was the one.” Flyty and Jacinda believe God brought them together for more than just love and to grow and family, Jacinda believes, “There is a purpose with our love to be faithful examples and to grow the Kingdom.”

Their greatest joy is to pray and preach the love of Jesus every Sunday on V1019. They are Founders of their own nonprofit called, Stolen Lunches. This is a Bible Study Community for people to grow their faith and steal away to be fed by God. FlyTy is always hosting the best events in Charlotte.  Jacinda is the author of Uniquely Qualified and motivational speaker.