15 Best Protective Hairstyles For the Summertime Heat

It's that time of year! Everyone knows once the summer comes around and the heat picks up, your hair becomes a hassle. Trying to hide her from humidity so she doesn't frizz up. Or figuring out a way to enjoy the pool and beach without getting your hair wet can be another hassle. As much as we enjoy summertime, vacations, and beach days your hair is always the #1 priority. Figuring out what style for an upcoming trip or just putting your hair away can be a process. Trust me, I know! Over the weekend, I got some knotless braids put into my hair and was beyond excited. The freedom and now stress-free mornings that come with protective styles are always a plus. I needed something for an upcoming vacation, but also just wanted a break from my hair for a bit. I contemplated locs, braids, wigs, sewins, and so many other styles. Now, I decided to help you all with some of my favorite protective styles I feel are best for the summertime. But, let's be honest these styles can work for any other season as well. So, if you are contemplating what's next for your hair here are some great protective styles you should try this summer.

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