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Ever broken the law? Maybe you have broken major laws, but did you know about these unusual laws that are still on the books for North Carolina? According to the North Carolina General Assembly, there are over 800 laws related to crime. Of course, many of us know a lot of those. But, what about the unusual laws within the state? According to the Charlotte Observer, there are 6 unusual laws that some may have never thought about. Maybe you have not broken these laws or maybe you have and had no idea they were a thing. Here is your chance to find out the truth. Check out these 6 unusual laws still on the books for North Carolina today.

Source: Charlotte Observer


  • Stealing Kitchen Grease

    Did you know stealing kitchen grease from someone was illegal? Your punishment will be determined based on how much grease is stolen. If the amount is less than $1,000 it is classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor, but more than that could be considered a felony. Be careful, no stealing kitchen grease out there!

  • Sniffing Glue

    Are you that person who enjoys weird smells? Do you enjoy the smell of glue? Be careful, because that can be illegal. It is unlawful to “inhale fumes for the purpose of intoxication,” according to North Carolina law. This includes those made with things such as containing tuluol, hexane or trichloroethane which can be found in glue used to build airplanes and boats. 

  • Borrowing Your Neighbor's Dog

    Are you a dog lover? Well, be careful which dogs you enjoy before you break the law! Don’t borrow their dog, horse, or mule unless you plan to break a law. It is illegal to take any animals without consent and you could be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor.

  • Driving on Sidewalks

    In North Carolina, it is illegal to drive on the sidewalk or sidewalk area. The law is there to help for safety reasons and it pretty much a given understanding.

  • Driving a Lawnmower While Impaired

    Just like a car, driving your lawnmower while impaired can lead to a DWI according to state law. Cyclists who ride under the influence can also be charged with the same thing.

  • Happy Hour With a Catch

    In accordance with NC Alcoholic Beverage Control rules, businesses can only offer happy hour specials for food. Ever noticed after a long day at work? The rule is that a business cannot “give away a drink or sell the drink for any period of time less than one business day.” This means all day drink specials are permitted only. 

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