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Do you know the unwritten rules of Charlotte? One TikToker shared his unwritten rules that everyone should know about Charlotte. His video has gone viral and gotten over 700,000 views. So, maybe these unwritten rules are true?

TikToker @thexaviersims creates content on the unwritten rules for different North Carolina cities. Of course, he had to do Charlotte and the content will shock you. Check out his unwritten rules of Charlotte and see if you can relate? I know I chuckled for a second and had to think how many times I have thought about some of these scenarios.

Charlotte Unwritten Rules:

  • The “Famous” Nissan Altima
  • Driving at Night in the Rain
  • Worse Interstates
  • Red Light Runners

According To A Travel Blogger This Is Why You Shouldn't Move To Charlotte

  • 10. Traffic

    100% on this one. Traffic gets worse by the year (maybe even the day). And you can very easily spend an hour plus on you commute and never get outside the Charlotte city limits, much less in the surrounding towns.

  • 9. "No Green"

    This is where I start to question to validity of this “blogger”. While it’s true homes are popping up on every free space, I find Charlotte has a lot of parks and greenways making up “green space”.

  • 8. "No Water"

    Again this argument doesn’t hold up IMO. While not exactly in the city limits there are several lakes within a very manageable drive of Charlotte. And her claim that the beach is 4 hours away? Maybe North Carolina beaches but I can easily make it to the South Carolina beaches in 3 hours. Which makes the beach an easy weekend destination which a large portion of the country can’t say.

  • 7. Dirty

    Emission levels are mentioned as well as being a hub for transportation leading to more pollution. While that may be true and the city could use a little clean up it’s nothing compared to cities like New York and Boston. I’d say Charlotte is exponentially cleaner.

  • 6. Crime/Safety

    She starts out saying Charlotte is 6% safer that other cities in America, but it still makes it a reason not to move here? It does seem that we have a rising crime problem in Charlotte with the murder rate increasing year after year.

  • 5. Bugs/Mosquitos

    I’m a little shocked and how this could be such an inconvenience that it comes in at number 5 on this list. Number 5. I’m not an avid outdoorsman by any means but I don’t notice Charlotte having that much of a mosquito problem. Not enough that some bug spray or a lawn treatment can’t handle. But if you’re picking your home based on mosquitos I guess cross Charlotte off the list.

  • 4. Public Transportation

    Now this is one I hear a lot. And if you are used to somewhere like DC or NYC I can see where you might say our transit is lacking. And yes you pretty much have to have a car if you live here, but I guess as someone who hasn’t known and different I don’t see it as a huge issue. Though I can see why some people might.

  • 3. Weather

    Ok this one makes zero sense to me. Hurricanes are mentioned (we are 3 hours inland?). We occasionally get wind and rain from a hurricane but nothing like the ocean (which she said was so far away). Severe storms are also mentioned, which we are in a much safer area for that than anywhere in the middle of the country. We get an occasional storm but we aren’t in tornado alley or anything. I’d actually argue that the weather and the 4 full four seasons make this area a great place to live.

  • 2. Job Market

    It’s noted that if you aren’t in tech or banking it can be hard to find a job. I’d argue that you can find a job just about anywhere these days and it’s employers struggling to fill positions more than a shortage of jobs.

  • 1. Cost of Living

    Now this one I agree with. Rent and home prices are skyrocketing. Groceries, gas, and everything else are increasing at rates that most salaries are not. I’m not sure what but something needs to change as I can 100% understand why people can’t afford to live here.

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