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Are you planning a summer vacation this year? Then I am sure you are probably heading to the beach at some point, because why not? Well, I am here to help you figure out how to spend your time at the beach. From surfing to building sand castles, there are tons of activities we all know and love already. But, what about some other ones? With every beach trip, you could find fun beach activities to do each time. Mix up your planning and find the best beach activities that everyone will enjoy.

The Travel Channel thought you might need some help. They created a list of 12 activities that are better done at the beach. Can you guess which ones made the list? Although you can do some of these activities anywhere, what better place to do them than the beach! Enjoy your next beach day with some cool activities so the whole crew can enjoy their time. Here are 12 activities that are better at the beach!

  • Dance the Hula

    Of course, you can do this anywhere, but I think if you want the true experience you should be on your way to Hawaii! Join a luau and shake your hula on any beach in Hawaii and enjoy life like a native.

  • Camping

    If you are not a fan of camping in the woods, I totally understand. So, why not switch it up and camp out on the beach. Wake up to the sound of waves crashing and feel the softness of the sand first thing in the morning.

  • Spin on a Catamaran

    There are plenty of beaches that offer cool water toys such as these bicycles for you to enjoy. What’s better than riding a bike on the road? Riding one on the water!

  • Go Spelunking

    You may need to find the right beach for this one, but go on a exploration adventure. Go and discover what is inside some of these unique caves and prepare for a sight!


    Underwater kayaking in the Red River Gorge 🛶 #GorgeUnderground #Kentucky #Kayaking #Cave

    ♬ Do It To It - ACRAZE
  • Cycle the Dunes

    Okay, now we’re out the water but you can still smell the freshness. Ride your bike along the dunes and have a visual of the sand and water along your route. It may get a little rough, but that can be the fun sometimes too.

  • Ride a Horse

    As someone who has accomplished this activity, trust me you must try! Riding a horse on the beach and even inside the water is one of the most unique and best experiences of my life! If you get the chance to try it out, I  suggest you do so.

  • Zip Away

    Catch an even better view of the beach from up above. Go zip lining on a beach and see everything from the surfers far out to the large dunes in the back. Many islands and beaches out of the country give you this exciting option.

  • Explore a Tide Pool

    When the tide goes out, take the opportunity to explore the miniature sea worlds left behind. Check out all the starfish, sea urchins, anemones and all matter of snails and periwinkles and see what lays underneath. 

  • Go on a Full Moon Paddle

    This is one you can certainly adjust for your liking. I would say you can also take a paddle during the sunset, sunrise, or full moon nights. The colors and energy of the water during those times can be so peaceful and calming what is not to enjoy?

  • Swim with Animals

    Obviously this is better done at the beach, because where else? But take time to swim with some of your favorite ocean creatures. From dolphins to whale sharks to actual sharks if you’re that risky, but hit the water with some ocean creatures and create a major memory.

  • Pamper Yourself With a Beachside Massage

    Layout and get a massage on the beach. Many beaches have businesses right there offering to give you 30 minute, 1 hour, etc massages. Lay down and relax with the sound of the ocean right beside you.

  • Build a Sandcastle

    Of course, build a sandcastle! When on the beach it is truly a MUST. Each beach trip make it a competition with the crew or make them bigger and bigger as you go. Enjoy the process and be sure to take photos of the finished product.

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