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Work and life balance can be hard. But, you know what else is hard? Work and skincare balance. Finding the right products, environments, food, drinks, everything can affect your skincare routine. We all know that stress can affect your skincare, but one big part stress comes from is your work. Your work environment can impact your skincare and managing how your breakouts and things can affect you overall.

Beauty Pie curated a list of some of the best professionals and industries for your skin. They surveyed over 3,000 employees in 15 different industries about how often they experience “skin stressing” factors. From working in front of the computer, wearing a mask for long hours, and exposure to high temperatures. Check out what professions and industries are the best for your skin. Do you work within any of these categories?

  • 7. Retail

    This is including store managers, merchandisers, cashiers, etc. The skin stress score is 49.2. The negative aspects of this profession are working long hours and the lack of sunlight being inside. A beauty tip for this profession includes infusing the skin with energy-boosting ingredients to help with the glow.


  • 6. Transportation and Logistics Industry

    This is including road traffic investigators, freight agents, supply chain managers, etc. The skin stress test score is 47.9. Beauty tips for this industry include a routine that contains Vitamin A, B, and C.

  • 5. Engineering and Manufacturing Industry

    This industry includes mechanical engineers, welders, etc. The skin stress test score is 47. For this industry, you will need to pair a glow giving serum to ward off looking too tired. Also, use a replenishing moisturizing cream for brighter skin.

  • 4. Healthcare Industry

    This industry includes positions such as doctors, nurses, health visitors, etc. The skin stress score is a 42.7. You will need to add gentle face polish a few times a day to help re-energize your skin. Your skincare should also include Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. 

  • 3. The Legal Profession

    This industry includes jobs such as lawyers and judges. The skin stress score is 41.9. In this profession, you should add a moisturizer that will give you a dewy finish to help hide and protect stress look.

  • 2. The Education Industry

    Giving props to all of our teachers, counselors, tutors, principals, etc. Their skin stress score includes 38.9. You should start your day by cleansing with a moisture rich balm upping your hydration levels.

  • 1. Sport and Leisure Industry

    With the lowest score of them all is the Sport and Leisure industry. Their score is a 34.2. You should use SPF most importantly to protect your skin from sun damage and Vitamin C to brighten skin tone and help reduce the signs of aging.


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