Both the North Carolina Zoo (Asheboro) and Riverbanks Zoo (Columbia) are about 90 minutes from Charlotte. The spring weather is perfect for the animals and guests alike!

Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! It looks like Riverbanks Zoo is hoping for a little sprucing. Riverbanks Zoo, located in Columbia, South Carolina, requested $80 million for an improvement project. The park hopes to create more space for animals, guest amenities, and a new overlook.

News 19 reports that the zoo is seeking approval from Richland County for the million-dollar project called, Bridge to the Wild. The project will help add an orangutan exhibit, additional pathways, and an observation deck on the west campus. There will also be an expanded carousel plaza, upgrade/replacement of the tram system, upgrades to the tiger exhibit, and more, says News 19.

Public Relations Director, Susan O’Cain, tells News 19, “We get about 2.5 million in taxpayer money each year.” O’Cain says the funding would help continue bringing people to the area and boost the local economy.

County members just recently got the proposal and they will not be looking into it until June 7th. Decisions regarding the project will not be announced until late June or early July, reports News 19.

Source: News 19