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Squirrel wreaking havoc on JD's balcony.

A squirrel has taken over my balcony. And it’s not cool. And it appears to be no ordinary squirrel either. THIS ONE has attitude.


It’s been at least four or five months of this SAME squirrel who I think believes MY HOME is HIS HOME. HE WON’T LEAVE! And he’s apparently not afraid of humans. You can witness it all in a series of videos I shot capturing this arrogant rodent.


I’ve gone to the wildlife experts who say the squirrel is attracted to my space because he’s getting some thing there. Duh! You don’t say? Food would be one. He’s eating bird seeds from the bird feeder my neighbor has above my place. And two — the expert says he’s likely sharpening his teeth every time he takes a chunk out of my Pottery Barn outdoor pillows. So far, he’s ruined four of them. You can see that video below. Ugh!



I’ve been asking what to do about my ‘squirrel’ problem. I’ve gotten all sorts of remedies that include:

  • spray my balcony with cayenne pepper
  • complain to the homeowners association with a request to have them handle (not gonna happen)
  • buy Cridder Ridder from home improvement store (didn’t work, told ya he’s arrogant)

This is what the wildlife experts say I may have to do. For $100, they can set a trap and trap the squirrel then transport him at least 5-10 miles away from my home. Anything closer, he will almost certainly come back. Or I can do it myself, although I will need to get a permit to trap and remove the squirrel. And who’s TRANSPORTING A LIVE rodent in my car??? That’s DEFINITELY NOT HAPPENING!!

I asked the dreaded question. Can I just ‘get rid of him’? (If you know what I mean).Wildlife experts say I can’t. Who knew squirrels are protected by the wildlife commission? GEESH!

The Question

How do I get rid of an annoying, arrogant squirrel? Send ideas please!  On IG and Facebook @jddiva; on Twitter @jddiva10 OR add your comments below.

I’ll keep you updated. Click video link below for further evidence.

Squirrel Takeover 1