Here we are at the Memorial Day weekend and lots of folks are heading to the coast for a little rest and relaxation. It caused me to do a little research to find out just how safe Carolina waters are from sharks.  Here are the North Carolina beaches with the most shark attacks.

Let me just say I know sharks are essential to the eco system.  My daughter is majoring in marine biology and I get schooled on the regular about how valuable they are to the oceanic balance. Not many of us want to come eyeball to eyeball with a shark, especially a hungry one that might mistake you for something on their menu.

According to A-Z Animals here are the top places in North Carolina with the most documented shark attacks.  I have a particular interest in this because my sister lives at Sunset Beach, North Carolina.  I did a quick scan to see if her beach made the list.  It did not but some close by did.

Holden Beach was on the list with six shark attacks in the documented year, none were fatal.  Ocean Isle is in the top five as well with six documented shark attacks.  Ocracoke Island made the list on A-Z Animals and four out of seven were fatal during the documentation year.  Wrightsville Beach came in third, North TopSail was second.  The North Carolina beach with the most shark attacks was Emerald Isle with ten attacks in the documented year, none fatal.

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For the complete list check out details right here from A-Z Animals.