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Nearly A Quarter Of Pet Owners Have Pet Insurance… Do You?

If you're anything like me you would do anything and everything for your pets. They aren't pets but truly family members. I was lucky enough to have my dog for almost 18 years and would have done anything or paid any amount of money to have even one more day with him. One thing we never did though was purchase pet insurance. However, I can certainly see how it may be an investment some pet owners choose to make. If your pet lives long enough you may come out ahead. But as is the case with any type of insurance- the goal of the insurer is that you do not. New research by Nerd Wallet delved into the idea of pet insurance. According to them two-thirds or 67% of Americans are pet owners. For the purpose of this study pet owners are limited to owning a dog and or cat. And their data showed that nearly a quarter or, 24% of those pet owners have pet insurance. This study of 1,366 pet owners was conducted online by The Harris Poll. Another interesting statistic from the study is that "Pet owners who would spend over $1,000 on lifesaving medical care for one of their pets." And while I'm not a current pet owner (I haven't emotionally recovered enough yet) as stated above I wouldn't hesitate to do anything my pet needed. But should you have pet insurance? That's entirely a personal decision. If you would personally feel better with that safety net then it may be worth it for you. If you have enough in the bank to cover an unexpected high-cost medical procedure then perhaps save your monthly premium and pay for care as needed. Do you insure your pet? What's the largest sum of money you'd pay for medical care for your furry friend? Read the full study from Nerd Wallet here. [select-listicle listicle_id="447668" syndication_name="5-of-the-nations-top-dog-friendly-restaurants-are-in-north-carolina" description="yes"]

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