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For anyone who knows me, knows I am a true foodie. And by definition (according to Merriam-Webster), a foodie is “a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads.” That would be and my radio sister Vonyetta. Since we both love to eat, Vonyetta thought we should put our taste buds to the test and embark on a food tour in Charlotte.

With so many cool spots popping up all over the city, we thought we’d check out some tried and true spots but with a twist. These locations offer great food that most people are familiar with, but we wanted to explore items at these heritage eateries that many may not be aware are on the menu.

Our first stop — The Honey Baked Ham (Woodlawn Road location). I know what you’re thinking. How much variety could location have beside the obvious honey baked ham? To our surprise, if you are not a pork eater, there’s plenty on the menu for you to try. From roasted turkey breast, salads, baby back ribs and even red velvet cake are on the menu. And my personal fav were the turkey sliders with provolone! They were crafted by hand and delicious!

See video for yourself. And open up to trying something new from something seasoned.

Video courtesy of: Vonyetta