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The Best Place To Retire For Good Food Is This Trendy South Carolina City

We often dream of retirement. Perhaps somewhere near the water or near family. Other people choose to call the mountains their retirement destination. Maybe you want to live somehwere that you can golf everyday. Wherever it is, you deserve to be somewhere that you can be surrounded by the things you love. And if that is food? Well you're in luck. A new article by Southern Living recognized the South's Best Places To Retire. The popular publication recognized 12 cities in different categories, and the best place to retire for food is in South Carolina. Greenville, SC is the city that Southern Living recognized. Greenville offers residents and retirees a wide variety of high quality restaurants to choose from. One is Camp which Southern Living actually recognized as one of the South's Best New Restaurants. But it's not just the cuisine that makes Greenville a great place to retire. The cost of living and availability of activites also contribute to making Greenville senior friendly. The best overall city in the south for retirement was Chattanooga Tennessee. The other cities recognized were: Best All Around - Chattanooga, TN Best for Healthy Living - Beaufort, NC Best for Food - Greenville, S Best Beach Town - St. Augustine, FL Best Mountain Town - Blowing Rock, NC Best for Outdoor Enthusiasts - Abingdon, VA Best for Arts & Culture - Savannah, GA Best for Affordability - Huntsville, AL Best for Lifelong Learning - Lexington, KY Best for Home Buying - Ocean Springs, MS Best Access to Nature - Eureka Springs, AR Best for City Lovers - Fort Worth, TX The cities and towns recognized on this Best Places to Retire List were selected from a collection of 41 top rated cities and towns from Southern Living's The South's Best 2023 series. Final consideration for the list compared each city or town to the U.S. as a whole on a variety of economic and lifestyle criteria. This included home and rental affordability, average resident age, unemployment, best industries for jobs and wages, prevalence of restaurants, hospitals, and colleges. So if  you're looking for great food and a great place to retire look no further than Greenville! You can read more about Greenville in the full Southern Living article here. [select-listicle listicle_id="415907" syndication_name="these-are-the-five-best-cities-to-retire-in-south-carolina" description="yes"]

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