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Where Are Thou Vegan burger

I had heard all the talk about these ‘vegan’ burgers! And I’ve seen the lines stretching 40-50 people deep waiting to get one of these ‘vegan’ burgers. Then, I tasted Romeo’s Vegan Burger and then I was instantly hooked. Now, Romeo’s Vegan Burgers is in my hometown – Greensboro, NC.

At first, when you see it, you’re thinking ‘There’s no way this burger can NOT have meat in it!!’ But, it doesn’t. I actually sat down with the owner’s mom. “Miss Doris.” She admits her son Tigo B is a vegan. And he and his partner Lamont Heath came up with the idea during the pandemic.

Tigo is also a rapper and during his travels, he was able to experience a variety of options when he visited other vegan restaurants. He wanted to do the same for his own community in the Charlotte area. And he realized more people were becoming more health-conscious. So, it was during the pandemic, with little music to make and no restaurants open, that he started the vegan food truck.

It quickly became a food truck favorite. She said the lines would be at least a mile long.  It wasn’t long before Tigo was able to get a brick-and-mortar in Charlotte. Now that the restaurant is doing well, another Romeo’s Vegan Burger restaurant is now open in Greensboro near the UNC-Greensboro campus.

“Miss Doris” says there to support her son and his vision of providing healthy food for the community. And healthy it is! The burger is huge, and tastes just like meat!! They have all these really cool names for the burger choices like:

Where Art Thou Romeo Burger (your basic burger with lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese, grilled onions, and a special sauce)

Romeo Mac Burger (Double) (includes the basics, but also has a mac sauce)

Tobacco Road Burger (chili, coleslaw, grilled onions, mustard, pickles)