Janine Davis

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No, say it ain’t so. A fast-food staple in the Carolinas has to shut down because of health code violations. FOX46 reports a Bojangles in Winston-Salem has racked up numerous violations.

The health department document states, “You must cease operations immediately and cannot operate your establishment while your permit is suspended.” The health department says the Bojangles on Olivers Crossing Drive cannot open its doors until the violations have been corrected.

So what are the violations? The health department says the restaurant could not keep food at the proper temperature. (Yeah, who wants a cold dirty rice or Boberry biscuit?) Apparently, a door was missing near the area where the food was prepared. In addition, the health department said a sink where employees wash their hands wasn’t up to par. They cited the Bojangles for not maintaining the sink properly.

And that’s not all. The Bojangles was also cited for having unclean equipment. The department said utensils and linens were unsanitary and the Bojangles did not follow water, plumbing and waste guidelines.

The company said it takes food safety seriously and only wants to give customers their best. Since the writing of this article, the company says it has corrected all issues and is now waiting on the health department to follow up with another inspection.