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Jafaar Jackson Is Fulfilling the Jackson Legacy

I'm pretty sure we all have seen Jackson 5: An American Dream.  Released in 1992, it is based on how Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson raised five children to be a singer group and dancers. The original film had big stars playing Angela Bassett as Katherine, and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Joe Jackson.  It also featured Terrance Howard from the show “Empire” (2015) and Jason Weaver, known for acting in ATL (2006) and Simba in the movie “Lion King” (1994).  In the movie, Jackson was portrayed by the late Wylie Draper who passed away shortly after the movie's release. Plus, a young Michael Jackson was played by Alex Burrall. The Legacy Continues Michael Jackson's nephew Jaafar Jackson, oldest son of Jermaine Jackson, is seen channeling the ‘Dangerous' era in the biopic's first look. Lionsgate's photographer Kevin Mazur released an image of Jaafar Jackson as the King of Pop in the film "Michael. Jaffar resembles Michael Jackson and it worked out for him to play Michael Jackson. Alongside Jaafar, joining him will be  Nia Long as Mother Katherine Jackson and Juliano Krue Valdi as little Michael, Colman Domingo joins "Michael" as Joe Jackson, the notorious patriarch of the Jackson family.  As of now, these are the for sure cast members of the biopic. Joe Jackson played an essential role in the children's lives as a father and manager. On Entertainment News, Janet Jackson said, “He was a hard worker, and he did whatever it took to feed his children,” as she describes how her father came to be a steel mill worker. "He didn’t want his kids on the streets and doing drugs. He wanted better for us according to Entertainment Tonight. Joe's strong desire to see his kids succeed was frequently demonstrated by his stringent supervision of their schedules, from ensuring they spent most of their time practicing at home to personally choosing their upcoming roles Pierre said.

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