Attending a Carolina Panthers game is a Charlotte must. With football back (Yay) who wouldn't love wrapping up in your warm team gear and cheering on our boys? might get a little chilly out there in the stands, but the Carolina Panthers are right here in the QC and a game is a perfect way to spend the day. Wear some gloves and go, team!

This is very cool and I can relate to it because my daughter Emily is a hair stylist.  You just never know who might walk in the door and need a haircut and over the weekend a very famous celebrity did just that.

Just about everyone knows who Mike Rowe is. He is the host of the show on Discovery called “Dirty Jobs”.  He is (or was) in Charlotte filming for his show when he strolled into The Cut Barbershop.  Allyssa Hagaman is brand new, she basically was in her first week on the job but she thought she recognized him because her dad watches the show. Then he opened his mouth to speak and his voice is one of a kind.  It’s Mike Rowe!

She said Rowe was a great guy, very easy going and she didn’t say but I will bet he gave her a good tip.  For more on the story check it out in the Charlotte Observer.