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Janine Davis

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It’s truly the ‘Year of the Career Doll’ and Mattel has her – they are rolling out the new Barbie Judge Doll!

Mattel obviously realizes its’ the YEAR OF THE WOMAN, and her career so they are taking a bold and much-needed stand, in my opinion, by unveiling their latest Barbie doll. It’s only taken about 60 years for Barbie to get here and now she’s a judge.

Mattel says, “The Barbie Judge Doll encourages girls to learn more about making decisions to change the world for the better.”

The Barbie Judge Doll comes in a variety of different skin tones and hairstyles. She comes with a customary black robe and a lacy collar that looks very much like  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s.

Each Judge Barbie comes with a gavel and round block. Of the doll is available at most of your retail spots for $12.99. (photo twitter @Barbie)