Black History Month Charlotte Spotlight: Kyle Alexander Murray

In honor of Black History Month, we have turned the spotlight to the arts to represent Charlotte natives that are making a positive impact on both our culture and our city today. This week, we celebrate the work of creative genius and philanthropist, Kyle Alexander Murray.

A born and bred Kentucky Boy, raised in Radcliff Kentucky. Came to Charlotte wanted to explore and expand his horizons. Growing his career and artistry with local involvement, Kyle has made an everlasting positive impact on our youth. With his personal development in the Charlotte fashion scene, volunteer work, and Black culture, Kyle has helped to bring attention to controversial topics and issues within our community.

Kyle has done a lot to make the Queen City area alert, aware and active. Managing a career in marking, social media and brand awareness; Kyle has partnered with many organizations in Charlotte to help raise awareness with prominent culture issues including hunger, poverty and the prevention of HIV and AIDS within the black community. In addition, Kyle has helped to establish events such as The Red Pump Affair, Hope for Harvest, Crown Keepers and Inspire The Fire to help aid in change and ensure our Queen City youth has a better life.

As we asked Kyle what Black History Month meant to him he replied, “As a black man in 2018, it’s a little different simply because we’ve learned to celebrate black excellence all the time and not just during one month, however, Black History Month still means a lot, it’s a time of reflection & appreciation. Black History Month it’s also a time to publicly to celebrate and be celebrated with everyone else in the world.” Overall, we can't wait to see what Kyle has planned for the future and wish him all the best with his continuing efforts to better the Charlotte community and the world.

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