States With The Worst Drivers-Where Does South Carolina Rank?

It's easy to complain about people's driving abilities (or lack thereof). In fact, on my way to work this morning, I found myself amongst some of the worst drivers and wondering aloud why traffic laws are no longer enforced. At all. With fear or repercussions, nothing is stopping many people from just making up their own rules. And it's terrifying. Not only that but in my opinion it shows an incredible sense of entitlement. That the driver and wherever they need to be is the only thing that matters. Everyone else is an afterthought. And with the increase in erratic and unsafe driving it comes as no surprise that nationwide there has been a surge in fatal car crashes. States With The Worst Drivers The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that the number of deadly crashes increased by 12.7% between 2019 and 2023. And this is heavily influenced by unsafe driving habits. Our friends at Forbes Advisor recently conducted a study that revealed dangerous driving is more common in certain states than others. So what states are you at the highest risk when you get behind the wheel? Metrics considered in this study included the number of fatal car crashes, DUI numbers, and drivers who reported looking at their phones while driving. When it comes to the Carolinas it was actually South Carolina that came out worse. I'll hand it to them their roads are certainly worse. If you've ever driven from one state to South Carolina let's just say you know when you've crossed that border. The Palmetto State ranked as the 11th worst for drivers whereas North Carolina came in at 20th. I have to remind myself that this is based on fatal crashes and not the actual habits of drivers. Seriously CMPD step it up and make these Charlotte roads safer. It's terrifying. But apparently, it's not just happening here. Forbes Advisor notes that according to a 2023 AAA survey more than half of all drivers engage in dangerous behavior, including speeding, driving while distracted, and engaging in aggressive driving. Thanks to our friends at Forbes Advisor for sharing their research with us. You can read the full study here.

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