It’s An NC State Final Four. Why not us? That has been the mantra for the NC State men’s basketball team since the start of the ACC Tournament. That was 20 days ago. But it feels like a lifetime. If you had told me 21 days ago that my beloved NC State Wolfpack would be in the Final Four I would have never believed you. And that’s if you were talking about certainly the men’s and but also the women’s basketball team. But if you would have told me they both would be here? I wouldn’t have known what to say. And I still don’t. But after two historic tournament runs both the men’s and women’s teams are on NC State Final Four runs. And it’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

NC State Final Four

One thing Wolfpack fans know is we thrive on being the underdogs. The women’s team went from being unranked to start the season (surprising) and rattled off some impressive wins to finally garner national respect and rankings. They entered the tournament a number 3 seed looking to advance past the elite 8 for the first time under head coach Wes Moore. The team has seen success under his leadership winning three straight ACC Championships from 2020-2022, reaching the Elite 8 previously, and making this year’s ACC title game. But they hadn’t been able to get over the hump to the Final Four. A little after 5 pm yesterday they did it.

And then there is the men’s team. They started strong (5-1 in the ACC) and then faltered ending the regular season on a four-game losing streak. The NCAA Tournament was only possible by winning the ACC Tournament. But since March 12th in the ACC Tournament, they’ve been on a roll. They won two games, and then it looked like the season was coming to an end against Virginia (I even turned the TV off which I regret). But one three-point shot kept us in it. And led to this. See the video below to get a feel for the miraculous run the Pack has been on. From 5 games in 5 days including an ACC Tournament win over rival UNC. To now the Final Four.

On Sunday the NC State Women’s Basketball Team beat the number 1 seed Texas in Portland Oregon to secure a trip to Cleveland for the Final Four. Just over two hours later the Men’s Basketball team beat in-state rival Duke for their own victory and a date in Phoenix for the same stakes. Was it the best 4.5 hours for NC State basketball ever? It certainly was in my lifetime.

This One Is For State Fans

The last time our men’s team was in the Final Four was 1983 on the miracle championship run under Jimmy V. The last ACC Championship had been in 1987. So that is essentially two generations of fans who have never experienced this. And finally, getting that chance? It’s a feeling like no other. I was born into this and continued the legacy by attending the only school I ever pictured myself at. I bleed Wolfpack red, and I am damn proud of the fact that I cheer for the school I graduated from. And having something this big to cheer about? It’s been a long wait. Especially living in the state of North Carolina.

If you understand it, you understand it. If you haven’t been on this ride then I could never explain to you what this feels like. I’ve never seen my team win a national championship in football, basketball (men’s or women’s), or baseball (still salty about that one and will be for eternity). Will I this year? I don’t know, but it’s been one hell of a ride. One that the joy and disbelief of I never want to end. The last Triangle team standing in both tournaments. The Final Four(s). Why not us?

NC State Final Four Run For Both Teams

This historic NC State final-four run has really shown you the heart of this fan base and this school. Watching alumni and legends from the teams celebrate with the fans. Celebrities like Scotty McCreery, American Aquarium’s BJ Barham, and football alum Russell Wilson (who attended the men’s game in Pittsburgh). Men’s coach Kevin Keatts attended one of the women’s tournament games that was played in Raleigh. Football head coach Dave Doeren attended the Elite 8 game in Dallas yesterday. The women’s team posted a video of them watching the men’s team secure their victory. And then there was a Facetime call between the two teams while the men were celebrating on the court. Success is always sweeter when you have someone to share it with.

Fans are flocking to the belltower after the victories to celebrate amongst each other. Both NC State Final Four teams were treated by fans well after midnight this morning when they arrived back on campus. My entire social media feed is about these two teams. And it’s been a long time coming. And one anyone who has supported the Pack deserves to feel.

In ’83 it was never, never, never give up. It’s been said time and time again over the past few weeks that it feels like 83. I wasn’t alive so I can’t confirm or deny. But now with both the teams from NC State Final Four bound the narrative is changing. Perhaps it feels less like ’83 and more like ’24? The dual Final Fours has only been done 14 times in history by now 11 different schools. With both teams carving their own path and creating their own legacies. Apart but together. That’s been the best part of this whole thing. Why not us America? Why not both of us?

Go Pack! It’s always been Go Pack!

Reactions to The Historic NC State Final Four Runs

  • I'm Not Crying, You're Crying

    If you can’t feel the passion in this video then well I feel sorry for you. This, the joy, the magic, this what sports are about. Raleigh has waited for this moment. Let’s keep it going a little longer!

  • Welcoming The Men's Team Back To Raleigh

    The men’s team received a warm welcome when despite their game ending later they were the first team to arrive back to campus. I got to do this for a Sweet 16 team while I was a student. This is what it’s about.

  • This Is March Maddness

    DJ Burns who has been phenomenal for the pack and garnered national attention receives a warm welcome from the fans in Raleigh. Burns led the Pack yesterday with 29 points in the victory against Duke. But it’s his infectious personality fans love even more than his on the court performance.

  • Let's Freaking Go!

    Azaiah James’ face says it all. This is what we all feel. Let’s go pack! Let’s freaking go (to Phoenix and Cleveland).

  • Keep Dancing

    I had to throw a little rivalry shade in here. And this seemed like the perfect way to do that. Keep dancing on TikTok Duke we’ve got at least once more on-the-court dance to attend to.

  • Just Over 2 Hours Apart

    On Friday night, within a period of about 7 minutes, both teams secured their Elite 8 spots. This time we got to watch both individually. Just over 2 hours separated the victories. We’ve waited ages to experience this once, and got to twice on the same day. What a dream.

  • The Facetime Call

    What do you do when you secure Final Four wins two hours apart on opposite sides of the country? You celebrate over Facetime of course! That’s just what the two teams did.

  • The Reaction

    Victory is even sweeter when it’s both of you. Love to see the teams support each other. Congrats to both of these teams on historic days.

  • Ripken!

    If you don’t know Ripken he is the tee retrieving dog for NC State Football. And we love him dearly. His reaction is precious. Someone get Ripken to the Final Four!

  • It Wasn't A Dream

    That really happened. We all woke up today and this was real. Go Pack! Let’s get 4 more wins between the two teams. Keep living this dream.

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