Who doesn’t love a good fried chicken sandwich? Don’t get me wrong the fast food ones are good. And look I’ll never turn down Chick-fil-A. Ever. But a restaurant-quality chicken sandwich just hits differently and is a step above. So when I came across rankings from the Food Network on the best chicken sandwiches nationwide. I had to give it a look. They ranked 30 of the best of the “worth every calorie” sandwiches in the country. And one Asheville restaurant made the list making it the best chicken sandwich in North Carolina. And that’s some high praise.

Buxton Hall BBQ- The Best Chicken Sandwich In North Carolina

I’m actually surprised more North Carolina spots weren’t included on this list. As many times as I have visited Asheville, I haven’t visited Buxton Hall BBQ which is home to this elusive best chicken sandwich in North Carolina. Ashville-based chain Tupelo Honey has one I love though! But back to the best of the best. It’s the “Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich”. In addition to the mouth-watering buttermilk fried chicken, the sandwich also features Pimento & American cheese, white BBQ sauce, and pickles. And like any good sandwich it comes with your choice of some delicious sides including baked beans, cole slaw, corn pudding, fries, an intriguing watermelon & rib rub, mac and cheese, or collard greens.

Buxton Hall may be known and named for their BBQ, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out of the sandwich. And it’s not just the Food Network that raves about it. Reviewers on Buxton Hall’s website agree. One reviewer named Jamison says “If you are on a quest for the perfect buttermilk chicken sandwich, search no more!” “You can’t go wrong with ordering this,” says Heather. And another user Cary describes the sandwich as “crispy, delicious, and flavorful.” I’m convinced! I’ll be paying Buxton Hall a visit the next I’m in Asheville for sure! Read the full Food Network list here.

7 Places To Get Mouth Watering, Delicious Fried Chicken In Charlotte North Carolina

Screw the diet I want fried chicken. That’s how I’m feeling after writing this list. And definitely feeling more hungry for lunch than I was an hour ago. Fried chicken is a southern staple and for great reason. It’s delicious. But it takes time to get it right, and it’s also probably not on your weekly cook-at-home list. If it is, you’re much better than I am. And despite perhaps not being the healthiest of foods, there’s no harm in indulging yourself every now and then. Have I convinced you to ditch your lunch or dinner plans tonight and get some fried chicken yet? If so, we’ve established fried chicken is a good idea. But where can you get the best fried chicken in Charlotte North Carolina?

There’s a good chance that Price’s Chicken Coop (RIP) was your go-to spot for fried chicken in Charlotte. But they sadly closed their doors a few years ago. I swear sometimes when you walk by you can still smell it though. Maybe I’m just dreaming. But don’t worry there is still some fantastic chicken to be found. Maybe you want a quick bite of that fried chicken and sides like you’re grandma used to make. Or perhaps a fancier meal is in the cards. Whatever you want there is something in Charlotte for you. While these aren’t all of the options they are great places to start. Here are 7 places to get mouth-watering, delicious fried chicken in Charlotte.

  • Leroy Fox

    Location: Southend (1616 Camden Road, Suite 150, Charlotte, NC 28203) and Cotswold (705 South Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28211, United States)


    The majority of Leroy Fox’s menu is made up of chicken, and for good reason- they do it well. You can choose Homestyle or Wing Style and pick which pieces you’d like. It’s all made to order so you may have to wait a few minutes, but it will be worth the wait.

  • The Quik Shoppe

    Location: 201 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

    Menu – You’ll have to visit.

    Yes, it’s gas station fried chicken, but it’s probably the best in all of Charlotte. The Quick Shoppe chicken gets a lot of hype, but it lives up to it. With popular Price’s Chicken Coop closing a few year’s ago, this is now what most people declare the best fried chicken in Charlotte. Be prepared for a line at lunch, but good things are worth the wait.


  • The Eagle Food & Beer Hall

    Location: 2120 South Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28203


    At The Eagle you can order a whole chicken, 1/2 or 1/4, or drumsticks. Don’t forget the homestyle sides and grab a drink to wash it down.

  • Haberdish

    Location: 3106 N. Davidson Street Charlotte, NC 28205


    Haberdish is one of Charlotte’s most popular restaurants. The self-described southern kitchen and craft cocktail bar is on the more expensive side but you are going to have a delicious meal. So if fried chicken is on your wishlist for a special occasion Haberdish is the place to go!

  • Horace’s Hot Fried Chicken

    Location: 329 S Tryon St (At the Wells Fargo Plaza), Charlotte, NC 28202


    If hot chicken is your favorite then you’ll definitely want to give Horace’s a try. They are strictly to go either delivery or pick up. Be warned though it is hot so if you are spice adverse, perhaps pick another spot on this list. But if you can take the heat, it’s some of the best!

  • Mr. Charles Chicken & FIsh

    Location: Cambridge (8006 Cambridge Commons Dr Charlotte, NC 28215)


    Fried chicken, chicken gizzards, chicken livers, or fried fish Mr. Charles does it all. This is the down-home southern cooking you dream about, and done right!

  • Chicken King

    Location: Harris Blvd (7008 E W.T. Harris Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28215) and The Plaza (4450 The Plaza e, Charlotte, NC 28215)


    With famous in the name it has to be good right? You’ll find two locations of Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken where you can order a variety of combo meals or choose your chicken by the piece.

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