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A Massachusetts family was a bit surprised to learn that a lost puppy they rescued was actually a baby coyote. They found the ‘pup’ wandering and looking distressed along side of the road. They were concerned for its safety, so they picked it up and put the pup in their car.

It wasn’t too long before realized that lost ‘pup’ wasn’t a dog at all. It was a coyote. They called wildlife for help. They connected with the Cape Wildlife Center. It’s part of the New England Wildlife Center that provides free veterinary care to thousands of animals each year.

The Eastern Coyote pup was separated from his family last week and was found wandering and distressed by the side of a...

Posted by Cape Wildlife Center on Monday, May 2, 2022
Officials with the Cape Wildlife Center says you may see coyote and fox pups wandering around. As pups get older they begin to explore and get away from their families. They say it’s possible the pup may have wandered away too far or its mother may have been injured or killed.
Nonetheless, wildlife experts say if you suspect a stray ‘pup’ is a coyote to call wildlife. They say it’ll be important the young coyote is raised alongside a foster sibling because of the social nature of coyotes. They say that sibling will serve as a model so they both can learn from each other.
The goal would be for the pups to retain as much of their natural upbringing as possible. And if all goes well, the experts say the two pups will spend six months in the center and will then be released into the wild by the fall.