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Comedian Monique’s recent video criticizing women and girls wearing bonnets in public has gone viral. Plenty of people are fired up about it! And former Basketball Wives star Tami Roman is one of them. Roman is clapping back since she is known for her “Bonnet Chronicles.”

In Monique’s video, the comedian who is no stranger to controversy, says the women and girls who wear hair bonnets, bedroom slippers, etc. out in public should show more pride. Meanwhile, Roman has a different opinion on the issue. Check it out. Share your thoughts? To wear a bonnet or not wear a bonnet in public?

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Tami Roman | Mo'Nique What You Say About Bonnets Sis?

My take on what Mo'Nique said about people wearing bonnets at the airport. We can agree to disagree and I'm choosing to mind my business 🤷🏽‍♀️