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Here's What To Do When You're Driving And A Traffic Light Is Not Working

With hurricane season in full swing, it's important to know what to do in the event you come across a traffic light that's out, due to a power outage.

When approaching a traffic light that's not working, drivers are urged to stop and take turns.

Treat the traffic light that's not working as if it were a stop sign.

At intersections, you should act as though the traffic light is a four way stop.

Keep in mind, that some motorists might not be aware of this rule, so please take the necessary precautions and be on alert in case several cars drive through the intersection at once.

Robert Richardson on Twitter

A vast majority of drivers in Fayetteville are failing to treat traffic lights without power as four-way stops. The rule is to act as if it's a stop sign, but people are either ignorant of or simply ignoring this. @WNCN @FayettevillePD

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