Eerie Photo Appears To Show Legendary South Carolina Ghost The Gray Man

If you've spent time around Pawley's Island, SC, especially during hurricane season you may be familiar with the story of the Gray Man. The South Carolina Lowcountry shores have been the rumored home of this ghost for more than 200 years. According to News 2, the legend of the Gray Man dates all the way back to 1822. The ghost is reportedly sighted before hurricanes threaten the area. Previously reported sightings include before Hurricane Hazel in 1954, before Hurricane Hugo in 1989, and before Hurricane Florence in 2018. And now a perceived photo of the legendary South Carolina ghost was taken this week. The Gray Man The photo (seen below) was shared by WPED Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski on his Facebook page. The photo appears to show a figure at the edge of the water on the lefthand side of the photo. It was reportedly taken on Pawleys Island on Wednesday, the day Hurricane Idalia impacted the region. Could this be the ghost that seemingly appears to warn residents of impending weather/hurricanes? I'm sure those who know the ends and outs of photography could come up with several potential explanations for the anomaly in the photo. But it does resemble some sort of figure. It could even be a human who chose to brave the storm. Commenters on the post are divided. Some are skeptical saying they feel the image is photoshopped. But other South Carolina residents claim to have seen the ghost themselves and are believers. Numerous commenters confirm that the legend of the Gray Man is that is he shows himself to you, you and potentially your property, will be spared from the storm. So this is a good ghost then. Once you want to see. You can read more about the legend of the Gray Man from a News 2 article written in 2021 here. I'm torn about the existence of paranormal spirits. I enjoy a good ghost tour when I visit a new city. The stories and legends fascinate me. I even as a child was convinced a neighborhood house where someone had died was haunted. But I've never experienced anything to confirm the existence of paranormal activity. Still, it's something that does fascinate me. Have you ever seen the Gray Man? [select-listicle listicle_id="450773" syndication_name="11-actually-haunted-places-in-north-carolina-you-can-visit-this-fall" description="yes"]

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