Francene Marie

Donating Thanksgiving Leftovers

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I'm sure everyone has enjoyed the 3F's, Family, Food, and Football. While you indulge in all that delicious food let's not forget about those extra pounds you were on track to lose.

Let The Sunshine In

Privacy is a very important factor in our homes, therefore lots of us keep our blinds closed to block out not only sunlight but, nosey neighbors and possibly thieves.

In The Land Of The Blind, We Shall See No Color

This absolutely hurts my heart. Knowing that we live in a world of such ignorance, racism, and hate. We all want to believe that this hate doesn't happen in our community, that it's everywhere else. Well, guess what everyone, this type of hate, unfortunately, is everywhere. 

Healing Milk

Oh my! A milk that could heal your gut and make your skin glow. Many americans have found that cows milk is just too hard to digest due to lactose intolerance, which also lead to food sensitivities, and an unhappy gut.