Check Out These 8 Black-Owned Sneaker Brands

With the holiday season in full gear, it should be no surprise that footwear is one of the hottest items to buy. Google says And not just any footwear -- the sneaker game is booming. According to, the sneaker industry is booming, valued at $21 billion in the U.S. And while the popularity is there, Black-owned sneaker brands still don't get their just due. For example, when researching to write this blog, it did not surprise me that the big-named sneaker brands still lead at the top. Consider when you think of a sneaker brand, what's the first one that pops in your head? Nike? New Balance, or Converse? None of these are black-owned, though they attract millions of Black consumers. Even the most popular athletes, celebrities, and influencers aren't wearing sneakers owned by Black folks, but can we blame them? I say not, as most Americans don't even know where to go to find Black-owned sneaker brands. With a little help from Google, I researched to find these eight Black-owned sneaker brands in the U.S. And what I like about these brands is the diversity in design and boldness in colors. Some of them even look like statement pieces. They tell a story and challenge the average. Check out these eight Black-owned sneaker brands that may perhaps make someone's holiday a bit more inspirational.

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