8 Best Thrift Markets To Holiday Shop In Charlotte

With the holidays in full swing, the shopping frenzy has begun. According to reports, Americans have already spent over $70 billion dollars in the last month on holiday gifts -- that's both in-store and online. But, there are some who may choose to avoid the traditional path for shopping and opt to buy, sell, or trade for items. I personally, am all for skipping the malls and heading straight to my local thrift shop.  One of the biggest thrift markets is actually making its way to Charlotte. ThriftCon is a giant traveling fashion market that will set up shop Sunday, December 3, 2023, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at The Park Expo and Conference Center on East Independence Boulevard. Read more here. The concept of selling secondhand items isn't new. It has evolved over the years. From society's perspective, there was a time when receiving secondhand items was frowned upon and was viewed as an option for the less fortunate. Now, American culture has adopted a more environmentally conscious attitude. There is more concern about the impact fashion has on the environment. So why not help protect our environment through the sustainable use of clothing? I can still enjoy fashion by repurposing items, thus bringing new life to older pieces of clothing without the hefty price tag of a new piece. Here are a few thrift shops I find worth the visit in Charlotte.

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