The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles is warning about scammers targeting North Carolina drivers. The organization says that it routinely receives complaints from customers who have been targeted by scammers. These scammers are claiming to be representatives of either the DMV or the N.C. Department of Transportation. In a press release from earlier this month, they said that several law enforcement agencies have reported that many unsuspecting DMV customers are receiving scam emails. The emails say they are from the “Department of Transportation” and are soliciting payment for fines for an alleged driving violation.
Customers are encouraged to be aware of any emails from an individual or individuals using the address “notice@penalty-gov-us”. Or emails claiming to be from the Traffic Division of the Department of Transportation.  The spam email includes a link to make a payment for a fine.
“DMV customers must remain vigilant as criminals try newer ways to defraud customers and steal their identities,” said DMV Commissioner Wayne Goodwin. “If you receive any unexpected email alleging you owe the DMV or the State money, then be very wary and contact the agency to verify the truth of the communication from an official telephone number or email address, but do not use the contact info ​appearing in the email.”
Commissioner Goodwin further said, “The NCDMV and the NCDOT will never send customers an email asking for payment for a driving violation.  All notifications to customers concerning such violations would be on official letterhead or forms through regular mail.”​

To limit confusion when searching for bona fide DMV services and information, consumers should seek out the following:

  • Some websites exist that contain DMV information and forms, but they are not officially approved websites. Web searches may return results with other websites, but only the official state DMV website ends in “.gov.”
  • Beware of third-party websites offering forms or other information that could be out-of-date or erroneous.
  • While not illegal, many of the sites are for profit and ask users to pay for forms.
  • Many sites exist to obtain your information for future marketing, or worse, for using your personal information in fraudulent activities.
  • If you provide payment information on a third-party website, beware that your payment card information may be stolen.
  • Check the “Terms and Conditions” page of the website, where the site states that it is not affiliated with any state government agency.
  • Always remember to look for a website that contains “.gov” in its address. This is to assure you are receiving accurate governmental information.
  • Go to the official NCDMV website​.

Do you know anyone who has received an email from these scammers who are targeting North Carolina drivers?

North Carolina City No. 1 On Best Cities To Drive In List

A major North Carolina city has topped a list of the best cities to drive in. Yes, somehow that is true. And as a former resident of that city and frequent visitor, I have questions. But it’s not just that. Two other North Carolina cities also made the top 10 of this list. Apparently, we have it better than we all think! Though as many people as I see running red lights on a daily basis in Charlotte I’d have to challenge that.

Here in North Carolina, like most American, we rely heavily on cars are our main form of transportation. In fact, 87% of Americans’ daily trips are in their own personal vehicles. That’s a lot of time in the car and probably a lot of time in traffic. Drivers annually spend an average of 15 days on the road. That’s a staggering fact. But back to this study/ranking. It was conducted by our friends at WalletHub. To determine the best places to drive WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities across 30 key indicators of driver-friendliness. The data set ranges from average gas prices to annual hours in traffic congestion per auto commuter to auto-repair shops per capita.

Keep reading to see the top 10 including the three North Carolina cities ranked the best to drive in. You can also see where the rest of the NC cities ranked. View the full study and methodology here.

  • 10 Best Cities To Drive In

    **According to WalletHub**

  • 10. Orlando, FL


    Total Score: 62.28

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 37

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 2

    Safety: 88

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 1

  • 9. Garland, TX


    Total Score: 62.66

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 17

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 58

    Safety: 31

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 23

  • 8. Arlington, TX


    Total Score: 62.67

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 15

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 61

    Safety: 25

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 22

  • 7. Jacksonville, FL

    Jacksonville, Florida Skyline

    Total Score: 62.91

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 1

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 15

    Safety: 75

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 42

  • 6. Lincoln, NE


    Total Score: 63.86

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 8

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 41

    Safety: 14

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 85

  • 5. Winston-Salem, NC

    Winston Salem

    Total Score: 64.05

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 2

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 20

    Safety: 29

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 90

  • 4. Greensboro, NC

    Greensboro skyline

    (Photo: Raynor Garey/Getty Images)

    Total Score: 64.37

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 3

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 24

    Safety: 58

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 30

  • 3. Corpus Christi, TX

    Corpus Christi

    Total Score: 64.78

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 19

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 12

    Safety: 11

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 84

  • 2. Plano, TX

    Plano Texas

    Total Score: 65.99

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 7

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 37

    Safety: 10

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 32

  • 1. Raleigh, NC


    Total Score: 66.96

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 5

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 27

    Safety: 6

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 43

  • Where The Other NC Cities Ranked

  • 26. Charlotte, NC


    Total Score: 59.41

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 24

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 45

    Safety: 51

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 35

  • Durham, NC

    Durham NC

    Total Score: 58.94

    Cost of Ownership & Maintenance: 16

    Traffic & Infrastructure: 51

    Safety: 57

    Access to Vehicles & Maintenance: 86

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