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The 2 Carolina Cities With The Most Affordable Beach Homes

Looking to purchase a beach house? You're in luck. A recent study by ranked the cities that are the most cost-effective for those looking for a vacation home. And on the list were two Carolina cities with the most affordable beach homes. Let's face it, many more of us would own beach homes if it wasn't so pricey! Though in this economy who can even afford one home? The team at recently set out to determine the most affordable beach towns for homebuyers for 2024. Just in case you're looking to make that dream a reality. (If you are can we be friends?) They just recently released a list of the 10 Most Affordable Beach Towns in America. So how did they do this? They started by creating a list of coastal cities and towns and then ranked them by median list prices in March for single-family homes. Only cities with at least 25 active listings for the month were included. To be considered a beach town" in the final list each city or town had to include a "sandy, public-access ocean beach within the city limits". Additionally, only one beach town per state was allowed to be included in the top 10 rankings. Carolina Cities With Affordable Beach Homes Ranking highest on the list was South Carolina. And the most affordable beach homes are found in.... Myrtle Beach. Considering Myrtle Beach is a relatively large city for a "beach town" this does makes sense. The March 2024 median list price for a home in Myrtle Beach was $299,500. Hmm, perhaps I should move to the beach? With a population of 38,000 plus at the last census, and large amounts of visitors and summertime residents, there is going to be an abundance of housing available. In fact, I know numerous people with homes in and around the Myrtle Beach area. It does have a lot to offer. And if you get bored there, you're doing it wrong! When it comes to North Carolina, the city with the most affordable beach homes is not quite as well known. It's Sunset Beach. The median price for a home here in March is $340,000. So not as cheap as Myrtle. But it's still not too bad, and especially considering the gorgeous location on the Brunswick Islands. Sunset Beach is more laid back than Myrtle. Though I wouldn't turn down a stay at either location! Thanks to our friends at for sharing their research with us. You can read the full study and see the other cities with affordable beach homes here. If you need me I'll be daydreaming about the ocean.

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