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People are Literally Screaming Over This Chicken App

Do you remember Farmville, Words With Friends, QuizUp and even Angry Birds? If you were ever consumed with playing one of these, then you know these viral phone games have the ability to take over our lives.

But this time, we believe the game developers have gone too far… How so? Introducing to you the new viral game of the year, Chicken Scream by Perfect Tap Games.

What's your high score on CHICKEN SCREAM? #chickenscream

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What is Chicken Scream? Well, its exactly what you think. Chicken Scream is a game you can get on your smartphone where you make a chicken run by shouting at your phone. (Seriously?) It is an endless runner game (Sort of like Temple Run) but you have the potential of losing your voice since you need to yell in order for your chicken to jump and avoid spikes.

Not sure what is going to come out of this game, but its number one on the global app download charts and free to access if you are interested.

Just do us all a favor…try NOT to play it in public. #chickenscream

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