I was just discussing a trip to a holiday pop-up bar when this study from our friends at Tasting Table, came through my email about each state’s favorite holiday cocktail. With social media playing such an integral role in our society these days holiday-themed bars (and the content they can produce) are ever growing in popularity. I tried to go to one a few weeks ago but there was a two-hour wait on a Friday night. But did hop to one we were able to get in. There I enjoyed two different cocktails including a tropical version of an aperol spritz, as well as a holiday mezcal-based margarita.

With these types of places dominating the scene, there are certainly numerous creative holiday cocktails to try. And as much as I’d like I can’t try them all. At home, my go-to favorite holiday cocktail is your basic egg nog, though I also love some spiked hot cider. Or a cranberry mule. But no drink I’ve referenced yet took the title of North Carolina’s favorite holiday cocktail. And actually, it was one I had never heard of!

Nationwide the top choice was a Poinsettia Cocktail, another drink I’m not familiar with. But North Carolina chose a different holiday cocktail for its holiday spirit. NC’s libation of choice? A Coquito. This sounds like something I am not familiar with, but should be. According to Tasting Table, the coquito is a “creamy, coconut-y rum concoction topped with cinnamon and nutmeg.” Umm yes please I’d like to try now!

I’m letting all of these serve as inspiration for my holidays (though on Christmas my family tends to stick with wine). Keep reading to see NC’s top 6 most popular holiday cocktails. Including those that I am more familiar with. Thanks to our friends at Tasting Table for sharing their research with us. You can read their full study here.


  • 1. Coquito


    Easy Coquito Recipe: Bring to a boil: 2 cups water 2 cinnamon sticks A tiny handful of star anise and cloves - once boiling, strain and set to the side. In a large pot: 2 cans coconut milk 2 cans sweetened condensed milk 2 cans evaporated milk 2 tsp vanilla extract whisk til thin - add in cinnamon water Let cool ….add 2 cups white or spiced rum. Bottle with cinnamon stick garnish and gift to friends and fam. Store in fridge. Shake well before serving. #coquito #drinkrecipe #cocktails #holidaycocktail #wintercocktails2022 #bartendersoftiktok #puertorico #puertorican Add two

    ♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco

    Want to make NC’s favorite holiday cocktail at home? Try this recipe!

  • 2. Poinsettia Cocktial

    Boozy Holiday Cranberry Champagne Poinsettia Cocktail with Rosemary

    Requiring just three ingredients the poinsettia cocktail is both easy and cost effective to make. You’ll need just champagne, triple sec, and cranberry juice. Want to feel even more festive? Splurge on the garnish. I’ve tried my fair share of cranberry mimosas, but will definitely be trying this one as well.

  • 3. Eggnog

    Homemade vanilla Christmas drink Eggnog in glass with grated nutmeg and cinnamon sticks on gray stone background.

    Nothing says the holidays like eggnog in moose mugs watching Christmas Vacation. You don’t even need a recipe just grab some eggnog at the store and spike it with a bourbon of your choice! (Perhaps my plans for tonight?)

  • 4. Christmas Punch


    I feel like the term Christmas punch can encompass a number of holiday beverages. Possibly why it topped 8 states’ list nationwide. And in this list Tasting Table refers to a punch that can be anything your heart desires.

  • 5. Hot Butted Rum

    Hot Buttered Rum cocktail with whipped egg whites and a cinnamon stick.

    Definitely one of my favorite Christmas cocktails is hot buttered rum. This time of year what is better than a warm festive drink? While it can be made several ways the cocktail typically consists of rum, butter, cider, as well as a sweetener and spices.

  • 6. Mulled Cider

    Homemade Wassail Mulled Apple Cider with Lemon and Cinnamon

    Another cocktail served hot and another favorite, is mulled cider. It typically features apple cider, rum or bourbon, and a variety of spices.

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