Tonight is the big night people.  It is the Mega Millions drawing and Americans are ready to win the money! What if you won the lottery? My first thing would be paying off my bills, putting some away, and then most likely I would take a vacation.

The US has had a handful of record-setting lottery jackpots this year, and Americans are looking to get in on the action. A new report shows nearly a quarter of Americans play the lottery at least once a month, and almost half (44%) say they play more when there’s a big jackpot on the line.

Those who do strike it rich often try to keep the winnings quiet. 83% of Americans say they wouldn’t want to tell others if they won. Significant others are in luck though – people say they’d give their SO a little more than 25%, but also said they’d expect more than 25% if the roles were reversed. You can take a look at the full report here.

  • Nearly 50% say they would need to win at least $4 million in order to quit their job

  • Top purchases after winning: home, vacation, car

  • 70% would take winnings as a lump sum

    Lottery Stats

  • 2 out of 5 would invest in crypto currency

  • Lottery Ticket Trust

  • Lottery Jackpots & Your Job

    Lottery Jackpots & Your Job

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