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Bottles of Garnier Skin Natural Light Complete Brightening Foam on a shelf of a super market in Bangkok, Thailand, on Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021. From Thailand to India, pharmacies and department-store cosmetics counters peddle all sorts of body moisturizers, face creams, and serums that promise to whiten users skin, playing off a traditional belief that a light complexion denotes status and wealth because people with fairer skin can afford to stay inside instead of toiling for hours under the sun. Photographer: Andre Malerba/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The weather is warming up and what better time to refresh your beauty regimen than now? Some of the beauty experts at Life’d helped in creating this list of some of the most popular beauty products in 2024.

During the pandemic, there was an influx in the number of people finding creative ways to manage their personal beauty or grooming in general. Many took to social media to showcase their talent. TikTok was a favorite platform.  Whether it was a mom showing the basics of how to cut her son’s hair (she was in her kitchen, by the way), to a beauty guru demonstrating the best way to create a ‘smoky’ eye with the right eyeshadow and makeup brush combo, to an esthetician giving herself a facial using basic cleansing agents I keep in my medicine cabinet

I, personally was able to learn how to properly tweeze my eyebrows to get a more contoured look — that’s if people still use ‘tweezers.’ Nonetheless, what I learned after the pandemic is I can do more with less if I have to.

But, thankfully since the world has turned back “on”, I don’t have to go the substitute route. Some of the beauty experts and gurus are back to investing in beauty items that can make my life simpler while keeping me beautiful. Everything from skincare essentials to hair removal tools to supplements that keep my skin tight and right are some of the most popular beauty products that are flying off the shelf in 2024.

Source: Life’d

Disclaimer: The author of this article does not endorse any of the products below. This serves as information only. 

  • Pluxy

    If you are over age 40 or 50 or perhaps just naturally hairy, this is your  ‘savior.’ It’s called the Pluxy and the experts say with it,  you can say goodbye to the peach fuzz or any facial hair forever. It’s known for it’s innovative solution. There’s no pain, it’s precise and effective at removing facial  hair. So, you can forget about redness or even irritation. As seen in O magazine,  Essence and Glamour, the beauty pros says it’s definitely a game changer.

  • Collagen PM

    You want to reverse your aging, the experts say this drink does the trick. If you’re like most people who are stretched thin with responsibilities, you often times don’t get enough sleep. One of the quickest ways health professionals say can age you. This product from Native Path is reportedly clinically proven to give you a deep sleep. It is hot cocoa that helps you fall asleep faster, stay sleep longer so you wake up feeling refreshed.


  • No B.S. Vitamin C + E Serum

    Instituto Vital Brasil Develops Medication Against the Coronavirus (COVID - 19) Using Horses's Plasma

    The beauty experts at Women’s Health magazine say this is an Award-winning product and call it “Best Serum for Mature Skin.” A cosmetic chemist developed it after she’d spent over 20 year creating best-selling products for brands like Clinique, L’Oreal and Revlon. She cracked the code and developed asystem that encapsulates the pure molecule that will only activate when rubbed onto the skin.

  • Miracle Sheets

    bed sheets

    One of the best ways I know to get beauty sleep is to get it on a set of plush, clean, crisp, cool sheets. And according to the beauty product experts, these Miracle Sheets are the hottest items on the beauty product list right now. And what makes these sheets so different — they are  made with an advanced all-natural silver infused cotton fabric that fights 99% of bacteria. That means they are self-cleaning and cooling. Personally, I don’t mind washing my sheets, but at this menopausal stage, I’m loving that they are ‘cooling’ sheets!

  • Snow

    Whiter teeth and more confidence. That’s what the Snow teeth whitener promises. You’ve probably seen alot of celebrities use it. It’s a glowing blue mouth piece. Anway, Snow is said to be cheaper than dentists, easier than strips, and you can use it at home. It’s a LED-activated whitening system that can remove deep wine, soda, coffee and even smoking stains.

  • Blossom Essentials Hydration Honey Repair Salve

    If you suffer from really dry skin, this could be what your body craves. I love me a good shea butter on my skin, but I’m learning about Hydration Honey Repair Salve. It’s from Blossom Essentials and what I’m hearing is it’s all that. It’s been tested by dermatologists, tested on sensitive skin and is 100% free of steroids. And I’ve learned it’s not just for those with dry, cracked skin, it even helps those who suffer from skin ailments, too like Psoriasis, Eczema and Rosacea.

    How does it work? The honey salve pulls water into the top layer of your skin where it stays to preserve the moisture for long lasting hydration. The key element is the Organic Manuka Honey!

  • Onsen And Bloom Shower Steamers

    What a dream…turn your shower into a spa experience with these shower steamers. They look like bath bombs, complete with their own natural and organic formulas that are packed into a shower tablet. You just drop a tablet in your shower and they work with the steam and heat of your shower to release fragrances to give an enhanced aromatherapeutic shower experience. There are a number of aromas to choose from including eucalyptus, citrus, and grapefruit. Sounds like the perfect spa getaway right in the comfort of your own shower.


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