Earning the title of Grandmother can be extra, extra sweet. But, what if you want to be called another name? Everyone loves good ole grandma, but then there is Nana, Grammy, Grams, Glamma, and so much more! Dare to be different and be the grandmother with a unique name to brag about to your friends. Grandmothers are everyone’s favorite, so why not embrace this new journey by coming up with something just a tad unique. Are you a soon-to-be grandmother or hoping to be? Check out these unique grandmother names for that extra special grandmother who likes to be a little different!

  • 1. G-Ma

    For the grandma that likes a little edge.

  • 2. Granny

    For the grandma with a little sweetness.

  • 3. Glamma

    For the extra fabulous grandma.

  • 4. Lovey

    For the grandma who wanted something cute and completely different.

  • 5. Honey

    For the one that is oh so sweet!

  • 6. Ya Ya

    For the kids who like the simpler words of life.


  • 7. Nana

    For the ones who are a grandma even to the neighbors.

  • 8. Tee Tee

    For those who want something that will continue even down to the great, great grands.


  • 9. Gimmy

    For the cool grandma.

  • 10. Grams

    For those who just like things a little shortened.

  • 11. Meems

    For the grandma who just wanted a little twist.

  • 12. Oma

    Originally from Germany, is the opposite of Opa which is grandfather.

  • 13. GiGi

    For the trendy grandma.

  • 14. Grammie

    Something fun, cute and straight to the point.

  • 15. Lolly

    For the grandma who wants to stand out.


  • 16. Mimi

    For the grandma who just wanted something nice and easy.

  • 17. Gram Gram

    For the Futurama kind of grandma.

  • 18. Lola

    Originally Filipino, but can used for the grandma who wants something unique but still means grandma.

  • 19. Mee Maw

    For the cute, southern grandmas!

  • 20. Nonna

    The Italian name meaning grandma.

  • 21. TuTu

    Hawaiian meaning grandma.

  • 22. Ga Ga

    Something easy for the babies at first, but the grandma falls in love with it and keeps it forever.

  • 23. Nani

    For the grandma who did not just want to be called Nana.

  • 24. Mom Mom

    Used for many as a way to say mom’s mom for your maternal grandmother.


  • 25. Grandmama

    A true classic. For the grandma who is ready to go.

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