Janine Davis

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A Charlotte resident who likes to go outside his home in the nude is apparently stirring up his neighbors. And creating questions as to what is legal and not legal in the Tar Heel State regarding nudity in public.

For the record, there are general laws on the books that prevent people from exposing themselves. As for the resident who was seen hanging outside his home in the nude is well within his rights. Technically, there is nothing police can do. The man, also known as the “naked neighbor” was in his own yard.

However, if that same man had traveled to a nearby park in the nude, things would have gone differently for him. According to North Carolina law, anyone who shows their private parts in a public place is in violation of the states indecent exposure law.  The state defines private parts as male and female genitalia. That does NOT include buttocks or breasts.

The NC law on indecent exposure is pretty clear —  no being naked, showing your genitalia in a public place.  But, what about the NC laws that most don’t likely know even exists? Or even are aware that they are illegal?

Let’s take a look at a few NC laws on the books that could land you in trouble IF you don’t know about them. Keep in mind, these are laws ONLY in the Tar Heel State.


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