Ohio School Bus Driver Cursing At Students Goes Viral (Video)

Enough is enough is likely the sentiment of Ohio school bus driver Jackie Miller who was caught on tape cursing out high schools students. Now that video has gone viral with well over 1 million views on TikTok. Miller is apologizing now after the incident in Amherst, Ohio last week. She admits she 'lost it' after a student starting spraying perfume. Miller is seriously allergic to perfume; it causes her asthma to flare up.  Miller told WEWS, “It is out of character for me. I’m not normally like that. I’m normally as calm as a cucumber. It just got to the point where I snapped.” And snap she did! Check out the video. Warning: The video below contains graphic language. Amherst Schools Superintendent was not happy about Miller's response. He sent a letter home to the parents of the students saying the behavior isn't acceptable and would not be tolerated. Meanwhile, Miller has resigned. She hasn't gotten off too badly. The community felt bad for her and has since started a GoFundMe campaign to help support her retirement. [ss-signup design_id="1880462"]

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