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‘Autumn At Oz’ Slated For Legendary North Carolina Theme Park

"Autumn at Oz" is slated to return to Beech Mountain's legendary "Land of Oz" theme park this fall. I've always been fascinated by this place. I grew up in Houston and the major theme park of my childhood, "Astroworld," now only exists in my memories. It closed and was dismantled more than 20 years ago. For those with memories of fun at the Beech Mountain theme park, for 3 weekends this fall, you can revisit. What Is The 'Land Of Oz' Theme Park? Land of Oz opened and operated in Beech Mountain in the 1970s. It was a tribute to the beloved classic MGM film. People came from all over to walk the yellowbrick road and meet "Dorothy," "Toto," "Scarecrow," and "Tin Man" before th park closed in 1980. https://youtu.be/CSnco3K0K7o What Is 'Autumn At Oz'? Here's where the Land of Oz story takes a turn. My "Astroworld" was huge Carowinds-like park that sat adjacent to the Astrodome in Houston. When it closed, there was no way its employees, no matter how devoted, could have taken it over. However, that's exactly what happened with Land of Oz. According to WCNC, in 1988, a group of original theme park employees brought the park back to life with yearly re-openings and the park has since opened a few times each year to take visitors on a walk down the yellow brick road they won't ever forget. In other words, "Autumn At Oz." https://youtu.be/4UrVgMPkdzE When Is This Year's 'Autumn At Oz'? Autumn at Oz will once again bring folks to Beech Mountain the first three weekends in September. Tickets are on sale NOW and available here. This year's event will serve as a celebration of the iconic film's 85th anniversary and will feature the movie's characters (of course!) as well as live performances, arts and crafts, delicious food, and memorabilia from the cinematic classic.

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