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Giant Thrift Market With 150+ Vendors Is Coming To Charlotte

It is considered one of the biggest thrift markets in the country. ThriftCon is making its way to Charlotte just in time for the holidays. ThriftCon is a giant traveling fashion market with over 150 vendors. It will set up shop Sunday, December 3, 2023, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at The Park Expo and Conference Center on East Independence Boulevard. Attendees will be able to sort through racks, bins, and piles for items ranging from expensive collectibles to deeply discounted deals. Is It A Flea Market? Just imagine a flea market on steroids. The organizers of ThriftCon started their first event in Denver, Colorado in 2018. It was a small neighborhood market. The idea, they say was to bring several different vendors and businesses together under one roof to sell their secondhand and vintage items. Today, ThriftCon is in several cities and hosts over 40,000 attendees each year. ThriftCon has stayed true to its mission: "To encourage a more sustainable way of life by repurposing perfectly useful — often forgotten — pieces of the past." Buy, Sell, Trade The concept of selling secondhand items isn't new. It has evolved over the years. From a societal point of view, there was a time when receiving secondhand items was frowned upon and was viewed as an option for the less fortunate. Now, American culture has adopted a more environmentally conscious attitude. With the influence of the fashion industry, there is more concern on the impact fashion has on the environment. The ThriftCon staff says that's where they come in. They want to encourage more sustainable ways to enjoy fashion and bring new life to older pieces of clothing. At ThriftCon, attendees will be able to "buy/sell/trade". This means attendees can bring in one bag per person with items they want to try and sell or trade for other items. Click here for tickets.  Kids under 13 get in for free.

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