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Charlotte Knights Tickets

Call in for your chance to Win tickets to the Charlotte Knights versus the Gwinnett Stripers on Saturday, August 25th at 1:05PM and If you don’t win today, take advantage of the Knights First Time Ever, “ Uptown Chowdown” . A $25 ticket will get you into the game with all you can eat food…

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Purpose for Pink

Call in to get your chance to win tickets to the Purpose for Pink event featuring Karen Clark Sheard, Jekalyn Carr and more and hosted by our own Fly Ty and Jacinda. The event is Oct. 11th at the Ovens Auditorium.   General Contest Rules

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Laff It Up Thursday


Listen to V 101.9 for your chance to win tickets to Laff It Up Thursday at Morehead Tavern, 300 East Morehead Street. Hosted by Tone X with music by Tab D'Biassi. Call 704-570-1019 or 1-800-269-1019 General Contest Rules