Well, at least I’m not alone. New data says that North Carolina is the 5th most stressed state. At least when it comes to work. This data was provided to us by TinyRituals who used Google Trends, the World Health Organization, The American Institute of Stress, and Innerbody.com. The goal of the research? To determine states that are struggling the most with work-related stress. And with prices increasing on everything thanks to out-of-control inflation, and wages not keeping up I can relate to that portion of work-related stress. But there are also deadlines, budgets, goals, and dealing with customers that can add to work-related stress as well.  TinyRituals gave each state a score and NC received a 9.2 out of 10.

Here are the top 10 most stressed states according to this research: 

  1. Nevada
  2. Illinois
  3. Texas
  4. Louisiana
  5. North Carolina
  6. Tennessee
  7. Delaware
  8. West Virginia
  9. Indiana
  10. Georgia

At the other end of the spectrum, the least stressed state was Vermont. They were followed by Montana and Minnesota. TinyRituals also says that according to the American Institute of Stress 25% of people report their job as the number one stresser in their lives. As a country, we definitely need to do better and shift more to a work-to-live mindset vs. live-to-work. Europe definitely had the work-life balance figured out much better than we do! I’m not sure how we change the culture, but it needs to be done! Work-related stress can contribute to burnout and losing good employees. It can also cause a lack of productivity or and lower quality of work. So while employers may not want to encourage breaks or time off, it can actually benefit them. Plus whatever benefits your employees benefits you as a company.

9 Crystals That Will Elevate Your Workspace

Looking to increase your mood, reduce stress, and make your workplace a more calming and relaxing environment? You may not instantly think of crystals as a way to do that, but perhaps you should. Our friends at TinyRituals provided us with information on crystals and their workspace benefits from crystal expert Brett Larkin. This comes after data was revealed that North Carolina is the 5th most stressed state about work. And that’s not good for anyone. I’ve chosen to try and make my office a relaxing retreat, featuring only ambient lighting from led lights, and two small lamps. Visitors often comment on the vibe. Which all really came from my lack of a window and hatred of fluorescent lighting.

But another thing that some experts believe can help with mood and stress is crystals. Larkin says that these can help when you feel overwhelmed at work, as well as reduce anxiety. And people are looking for a way to do just that. In fact, according to TinyRituals Google searches for “anxiety-fighting crystals” have grown exponentially. The search has increased by 350% in just the last year. And reading the benefits of these, while I am skeptical, does seem tempting. If these can actually do what is claimed I and most people could easily benefit from them.

Crystals offer a natural way to treat your mood and overall well-being. Which means there isn’t a downside or side effects. I’m certainly tempted to give some of these a try. Keep reading to see 9 of the best crystals to elevate your workspace. I’m intrigued and willing to try these out when the benefits are said to include reduced stress, protection against negative thoughts, luck, prosperity, and mental clarity. Who can’t use a little more of those things?

  • Amethyst

    Faceted amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite, rock crystal, quartz cluster taken close up

    Amethyst reduces stress, need I say more? It also provides a calming energy and fosters harmony. This can translate to increased productivity and overall well-being.

  • Smokey Quartz

    smoky quartz. macro detail texture background. close-up raw rough unpolished semi-precious gemstone

    The benefits of smokey quartz include positive energy and decreased worrying. Adding smokey quartz to your workplace can help you avoid burnout and bad vibes. No one has time for that!

  • Black Tourmaline

    macro mineral stone sherle, schorl, black tourmaline on white background close-up

    Send those negative thoughts away with black tourmaline. It’s known for being “protective” by purging negative thoughts and toxic energy including anxiety. Sign me up!

  • Green Jade

    macro shooting of natural gemstone - polished green Nephrite (jade) mineral gem stone isolated on white background

    Using qualities of luck green jade exudes a calmness to help you handle pressure, and avoid “rash decisions”. Don’t be like my friend who rage applied to jobs, got one, and moved to Florida two months later all because of one bad day.

  • Hermatite

    We all could use a little strength and courage. That’s what hermatite provides. In the workplace, it can be good if you plan to ask for a raise or a promotion.

  • Selenite

    Selenite natural crystal mineral gypsum known as satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower

    There can never be enough options to reduce anxiety, and selenite is another one. This stone will dissolve negativity and clear your mind even on the most stressful of days.

  • Carnelian

    A close up image of a single carnelian geode crystal on a rough piece of driftwood.

    Do you need some mental clarity and energy? Try carnelian. It’s described as the “ultimate cure for energy slumps”. Will this combat my mid-afternoon caffeine craving?

  • Pyrite

    A detailed close-up shot of the mineral iron pyrite that is also known as the fool's gold.

    Don’t be a fool and overlook the benefits of pyrite better known as fools gold. It can clear toxic thoughts, enhance emotional strength, and help you focus.

  • Citrine

    Transparent rough yellow quartz citrine isolated on white background

    And the one I want the most? Citrine which brings luck and prosperity. It releases stress, increases self-esteem, and is an overall feel-good gem.

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