North Carolina Ranked One Of The Best States to Work In

It is so important to work at a place that makes you happy. Nobody wants to go to work every day feeling miserable. What kind of lifestyle is that? Not one I want to live.

America’s labor paradigm shifted after the pandemic. Apparently, where you work does matter. Not just the job, but the state it is in. TOP Data conducted an in-depth analysis of the Best and Worst States for a Job in 2022 to identify which states have the best work situations in this new environment.

The Methodology

In order to determine what are the best and worst states to live in, TOP Data compared the 50 states across five key dimensions:

1. State Economy
2. Compensation & Benefits
3. Job Market
4. Quality of Life
5. Business Friendliness

Using 51 metrics organized into 5 key indicators of job satisfaction and opportunity, the 2022 Best States for a Job Rankings showed that North Carolina ranked one of the top states in the nation. The following are some insights for the state and the top 15 states.

  • 15. South Dakota

  • 14. North Dakota

  • 13. Georgia

  • 12. North Carolina

    North Carolina has one of the Strongest Economies in the Country. Ranking 4th in this category (State Economy), the state is among the top 10 states with the highest percentage of GDP growth, one of the highest credit ratings, and one of the lowest debt rates in the country.

  • 11. New Hampshire

  • 10. Virginia

  • 9. Maryland

  • 8. Florida

  • 7. Nevada

  • 6. Texas

  • 5. Colorado

  • 4. Arizona

  • 3. Washington

  • 2. Massachusetts

  • 1. Utah

  • Overall Stats

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