Are you a window seat kind of person? Maybe it’s my inability to sleep anywhere but a bed, but the people who pull down the shade on a plane drive me nuts. I love to look down at the sights out the window whether it’s the blue water of the Caribbean or a “flyover” state below. That’s why I was so intrigued when I came across these rankings. They were compiled by Upgraded Points and feature 7 must-see views from the plane window.

The rankings include specific flights you can get the best view, but several of them could be seen on other routes. Especially a few where the site is at the destination of the flight. In fact, one of them I have a flight booked into a mentioned airport next month. I’ll have to see if I can snag a window seat for that one! What’s the best view you’ve seen while on an airplane? For me it’s probably the flight out of Nassau getting one last look at the Atlantis Resort. I’ve been lucky enough to see 4 of these (or at least been in a position too) when I was younger. But may just have to book another flight soon to truly appreciate the sites.

Enjoy this gallery of the best views until you can experience them yourself from a plane window!